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What is initial coin offering(ICO) ?

Are you also among one of the people who will to make best use of opportunities? Then you must be knowing that investing in a crypto-currency is the second name of opportunity. So, to get profited in this digitalized era, it is important to know all the concepts regarding the same. The first step after knowing the basic things is, how to invest in ICO in order to be a part of crypto-currency exchange.


The expansion of ICO is Initial Coin Offering; which is similar to IPO, if seen through the world of crypto-currency. ICO is a procedure in which a company/organization launches its very own tokens (can be considered as digital coins) that are used at the time of crypt-currency exchange.As blockchain technology has introduced with many advancements, that’s why the cost of ICO process has been reduced with a measurable amount in comparison to the cost of conventional IPO process.


In this step, an early announcement of the procedure is made among the crypto-currency investors i.e. Bitcoin Talk, Reddit and many more. To get into this step, the launcher of the project who is going to launch ICO, prepares an executive summary as well as a presentation about the purpose of the project. After the preparation of executive summary and presentation, the company or launcher is provided with the first review about the project. This feedback can be positive or negative


A proposal includes an annunciation of the transaction. It involves the persons who’re going to be a part of the process. This proposal is designed and made by the companywhich is about to enter the ICO. It includes implications regarding the project describing the required amount of investments as well as deadline of the project.


As the ICO process is not only for the big revenue companies, its aim is to attract small companies too. That’s why an informative as well as thoughtful PR campaign is must to run. In these campaigns, presentations are given at various meeting held at distinct places. The duration of these PR campaigns is approximately of one month. The purpose to run such PR campaigns is to drag big as well as small investors and customers of each category.


While launching the Tokens followed by the BlockChain process, two ways can be accepted:

  1. A. The first way is that, you may secure a bare minimum amount defined by the proposal and then launch the Tokens. After that, the Tokens can be divided among various investors in a certain ratio. Most common site which allows to perform this is chronobank.io.


There can be some technical issues as well as risks while performing ICO. It is better to be in touch with an adviser because there exist many crooks who can involve you into any kind of hoax. Investing money via internet seems a convenient medium to people and that is the reason why they don’t research properly before doing it. This negligence may bamboozle you, that’s why it is essential to see more deeply into a company’s profile without investing your money.

There is a term named “Due Diligence” (abbreviated as DueD) which should be known by everyone who’s connected to finance in any ways. DueD is basically a process of inspection or scanning, done to affirm all the facts related to company via seeing past financial records. All the required data is being framed in a report. The DueD can be peformed or afforded by a few investors only who choose the services of authenticated experts.

Some organizations perform DueD exclusively to let out all the information regarding the company to finally list out all the positive and negative points about it. While discussing it on behalf of cryptocurrency, we are one of the companies that avail with the same services at the time of ICO launch to enhance confidence of investors.

Following are the risks or facts that are revealed by the such companies:

Business structure.
Area of operation as well as merchandise niche.
Goodwill, experience and level of competency in the particular market sector.
Technical foundation.
Public reviews’ analyzation and many more

Another mean by which you can save yourself is a cryptographic escrow. In this phenomenon, there exists Multi-sig purses as well as independent escrow agents. So it is understood that no money will be transferred directly, it has to go through several parties. Finally, the money is stored in Multi-sig purse that can be accessed by only the agents who’ve deposited. This procedure amplifies the security because company cannot withdrawal the stored money without signing of the agent.

The gist is that the BlockChain technology has completely evolved and revolutionized the traditional market in every possible sense.

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