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IPhone/iPad application development

We build customized mobile applications for iPad and iPhone which increases users’ acceptance and also boost their access to your business via digital medium. We avail you with complete support, from market research to designing, developing as well as launching your application in the app store with the help of our fully tested exclusive methodologies. Our extremely talented team of developers, work closely with our customers to improvise user experience and bring your ideas to life.

Our iOS development solutions include:

  • User analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Mobile strategy consulting
  • Architecture mapping
  • Concept design
  • iOS application development
  • Testing
  • Submission to app store
  • Maintenance and upgrades

Mobile Application Frameworks and APIs used:

  • Address Book Framework
  • Ad Support Framework
  • Audio Tool-Box Framework
  • Core-Data Framework
  • Core-Location Framework
  • Core-Graphics Framework
  • iAds Framework
  • Map-Kit Framework
  • Media Tool-Box Framework
  • Message-UI Framework
  • Open GLES Framework
  • Quartz Core Framework
  • Social Framework
  • Store-Kit Framework
  • Twitter Framework

Benefits of an iPhone App

An App for Every Business

Apple debuted the first ever iPhone in June 2007. It’s been more than nine years and we can conclude that a business not using iOS platform, lacks a huge number of audience. Already, a large number of corporate entities are utilizing enterprise-applications based on iOS platform. Investing in iPhone app development will amplify your business opportunities because iOS custom apps can create more revenue in comparison to any other platform. You can try it by yourself using our services regarding mobile app development in Brampton, Canada.

High Quality

If you’re about to create your app with the iOS platform, you should be assured that Apple will propose you premium quality. Apple has never compromised in delivering performance and maintaining quality. iPhone apps have to adhere to a strict developer’s policy and standard of excellence in order to be a part of the Apple Market place.

Easily Accessible

iPhone apps provide the users, a chance to gain information from anywhere they access the Internet. We offer these services of mobile app development in Brampton, Canada. There exists two ways of using iPhone applications: either they can act as a base to form your business or they can complement your business.

Enhance customer experience and service

Customers can get benefited easily via access and controlling company services with more ease. Keeping the lines of communication open is a major key to any business relationship. You can also access your database by highlighting upcoming sales or special events by sending customers updates. With the assistance of iPhone, our experts performing mobile app development in Brampton, Canada, may access your company profile and its products/services.