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Turbo-charge your business with a powerful WordPress website customized specially for your industry. Every business owner wants to stand above and beyond their competitors, and the WordPress professionals at Quickdesks give you the chance to push your design, branding, and ROI (Return on Investment) over your competition.

Quickdesks creates jaw-dropping websites with dazzling designs and quick loading – which Google and your customers will love.

Quickdesks implements your industry’s best practices while designing and developing a WordPress website for your business. Simply focus on your business’ day to day and let Quickdesks take the website design, development, and digital marketing off of your hands.

So, What Is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source content management system (more accurately a web development framework) that powers more than 1/7th of the top million sites on the internet. While it started as a humble blogging platform, it has transformed into one of the most useful and innovative CMS platforms around. Powered by a passionate community of developers, users, and dedicated designers that grow with each passing day, WordPress continues to make new visions possible on the web.

How Can Quickdesks Enhance my Business?

Quickdesks' team of WordPress professionals is available to help you with all of your WordPress needs – from simple maintenance and website enhancements to fully customized and powerful WordPress websites.

Quickdesks’ core team of ingenious WordPress technology professionals can handle anything within the front-end, plugin deployment, and development to truly meet all of your business needs. We possess all of the necessary understanding and experience for implementing third-party services and doing API development and integration for your WordPress websites.

What Does Quickdesks’ WordPress Expertise Encompass?

  • Custom Theme Development
  • WordPress Customization
  • Custom Plugin Development
  • WordPress Site Development
  • 3rd party WordPress Module Integration
  • jQuery Gallery Customization
  • Social Media/SEO/BuddyPress Integration
  • Dynamic Drop-down Menu and Form Customization
  • Sliding Banners and Navigation Menu Customization

Why Should I Hire Quickdesks and Not Someone Else?

We rejuvenate your brand by deploying untapped methods and techniques you're missing in your design, logo, and Google friendly coding.

How Our WordPress Development Differs from Others:

Comprehensive Requirement Analysis:

Do you have an idea, but aren’t sure how to make it happen? Quickdesks’ specialized WordPress team will work with you to bring your concepts to life through a widespread needs analysis, requirement amplification, and technical design documentation and specification write-up. These processes lay the underpinning for your web project so that when it’s complete, you have exactly what you need and expected.

Coding Standards:

We follow current front-end and backend coding standards to produce websites that conform to the latest HTML validation requirements. We ensure that your site works as intended across all of the latest versions of major desktop and mobile browsers.

Geek Power:

Our core WordPress developers spend time researching and updating their knowledge pool to consistently provide you with the latest technological advances. Their continuously improving knowledge provides the greatest impact for your business, and helps you become recognized as a ‘big brand’ in your industry.

Save Money Working with Us:

Our custom WordPress designs and development services are priced to give you the best of both worlds: competitive pricing with hands-on development experience.

No Hidden Fees:

The pricing is transparent for all WordPress services. Separate fees are never charged apart from what is discussed and agreed upon by Quickdesks and you – the client. Our main focus and goals are establishing you as a brand in your industry, and your audience should know you by name.

Source Code Ownership:

What we create for you belongs to you, it’s your asset.

WordPress Packages:

We offer competitive packages that are both reasonable and flexible, giving you all the tools you need to manage your website, including contact forms, CMS users, and sign up boxes. Our team trains you and instructs you on the basics of using the CMS functionality and sets the foundation for you to continue on your own. Of course, we're always here to help you maintain and grow your WordPress websites.

  • Save time (everything is already installed for you; we just hand you the keys)
  • Spare yourself the exhaustion and frustration of figuring out how to install, configure, and code
  • Focus on doing your own thing, not wrangling with technical details

Why We Love WordPress

We love ya...WordPress, and we are sure that just like us, you love WordPress too. However, in case you do not know why you should love WordPress, read on...

Responsive Development and Ease of Use –

While most of the web development and content management systems favor either the newbies/non-technical users OR the developers, WordPress is the easiest and the most robust content management framework that works both for developers and users alike. WordPress gives us the ability to rapidly build and deploy complex business applications on a secure, scalable, and robust framework. As your brand developers, we are not concerned with the question ‘Is it possible?’ – because with WordPress, anything is.

Of course, we have a few other reasons to shower praise and love on WordPress, including:

Knowing Where You Stand - WordPress has free plugins for most of the popular analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, Hubspot, and GetClicky. It also has plugins to deploy your SEO meta tags, allows you to add Facebook OG (Open Graph) tags, Twitter cards, and Google Plus publisher tags. It even has a basic stat tool built in to give you a quick and easy synopsis of your website’s activity.

Powerful CMS with Workflow Management - WordPress has an incredibly simple admin interface which offers robust site, menu, and content management functionality. Best of all? It’s free!

How WordPress Can Help You Online - We take pride in calling ourselves brand building, business solutions architects. All of our solutions help you, the customer. For us, the ultimate goal is to solve the challenges in front of you in a timely and cost-effective manner. WordPress is the framework upon which we will build your digital marketing campaign and arm you with all the tools you need for running a profitable online business.

The beauty of WordPress is that it offers solutions for startups, small businesses, mid-size corporations, and even e-commerce shops. No matter if you want to launch from the ground up with minimal upfront costs, or if you are a midsize business that wants to bring cutting-edge technology and effective tools together with your online presence, WordPress is the ideal solution that works in every scenario.

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