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Digital Marketing’s Top 7 Trends In 2017

The Digital Marketing world is changing day by day. Since from last few years, we have seen the amazing way where companies are interacting with their target and marketing their products. The consistent advancement in the technology, the number of internet users are increasing day by day. The advanced technology is making the world become mad towards it. It is not only advancing, it is developing in a huge manner.
However the basic of the marketing is exist same, Identifying the purchasing clients, Reaching out to the clients, Sending them the clear message, Making sure regarding the repetitive purchase. This helps the business to grow faster and as well as to become popular.
But what does 2017 has for us? What are the new Trends which can be used for successful Marketing? Here are the seven Trends for you:

Video Content:

People are using YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to post and view the videos. People like watching rather than listening so in this case Video Content market can grab a new position towards its success in the future.

Mobile Marketing:

Day to Day new technologies are launching on the smartphone, so many kinds of excellent features and operating systems are launching constantly. So a number of the smartphone users are also increasing day by day so mobile marketing can beat the marketing platform easily.

Wearing Electronic Devices:

There are so many wearable Electronic Devices have been launched such as smart watches etc. People are using these devices nowadays so it would be better to market the products through wearable devices as well.

Customized E-Mail Marketing:

Nowadays people are subscribing the products through the emails. People get a lot of emails regarding marketing and they subscribe the channel and starts buying from it. Email marketing is a kind of customized marketing because it never irritates the people. If people are interested they can read the emails otherwise they can ignore them.

Expiring and Interactive Content:

This is one of the Big Digital Marketing Trend to take control on the Marketing field. Expiring Content offers the advertisers to concentrate on the main message, For example, when we watch any video on YouTube small advertisement videos appears by itself few of them will be little longer and allows us to skip them and move to the original video but few of them are too small and contains the main message which can get watcher’s attention towards the advertisement and this process can hit the marketing field.

Viral Marketing:

Viral posts and videos increase the popularity of the particular product and brand. By sharing, Commenting, liking a particular post will get more traffic and appear on the top of the search engines. Viral Marketing is also very useful.

Influence Marketing:

Influence Marketers are nothing but Bloggers, Content Writers, etc. These people write Blog and Articles and post them on different social media. So many numbers of readers will read their blog and articles and people may also like it as well.

Live Video Broadcasting:

The reason behind the live broadcasting is to create brand awareness and to engage with the customers and fans at the same time. Live broadcasting is very useful and it creates nice reviews towards the product. Nowadays we see celebrities and companies broadcasting like on social media live Facebook, Instagram it alerts the fans and customers to watch the videos at the same time and it creates the good environment.

Snapchat and Instagram Stories:

Snapchat and Instagram have millions of users and these two applications are very innovative and creative. Snapchat started adding stories and filters so the users can easily get attracted towards it later on Instagram also added stories. There are a lot of celebrities, Companies are using these Snapchat and Instagram Stories to attract the people by adding images and small videos.

Virtual Reality

This technology took the best place on explaining about their product to the customers through the virtual reality. Most of the luxurious car companies started making use of this technology by using 360-degree virtual reality experience on their luxurious cars. This made them attract their customers and as well as to have great sales.

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