Graphic Design That Fuels Your Business’s Success

Ultimately, the objective of graphic design is to sell your goods and services. Yet, far too many graphic design agencies that focus on creating marketing materials that merely look pretty and fail to make the sale.

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Stand out both in message and appearance with graphic design that drives sales and differentiates your brand from the competition. Quickdesks’ team of graphic designers brings your marketing collateral to life with stunning designs that elevate your brand and appeal to the audience you’re trying to reach. We meld our marketing and sales expertise with our design talent to provide you with creative solutions that fuel your success.

Whether you’re a large company that needs a graphic designer to craft all of your marketing materials, or a small business owner who simply wants to have a brochure or company logo designed, we tailor our graphic design services to your requirements.

Maximize ROI with Quickdesks’ Graphic Design Services

Attractive, results-oriented marketing materials can be one of your brand’s greatest assets. Our graphic designers pride themselves in designing strategically creative marketing collateral that solves challenging business problems. Graphic design services that we offer include the following:

Tradeshow displays
PowerPoint presentations
marketing departments
Business cards

Our first step is to sit down with you and discuss your business’s situation, goals, and target audience. Once we have a good feel for who you are, what you do, and whom you are trying to reach, we brainstorm ways to communicate your message visually and deliver on your intended purpose. Our Columbus graphic designers focus on the big picture and deliver beautifully designed marketing materials that align with your business objectives.

Quickdesks Approach to Graphic Design

The comprehensiveness of our graphic design services sets us apart from other graphic design companies. When you partner with Quickdesks’ graphic design team, you can choose from four distinct levels of service.
Design Vision
If you do not require any of our marketing or content development services and would just like to hire us to do graphic design work, Design Vision is right for you. You can hire one of our designers to work as a part of your marketing team on an ongoing basis, or assign one of our designers to a specific project. We’re flexible enough to fit right into your business.
Total Vision
Total Vision is our full-service graphic design option that takes your project from concept to completion. We develop ideas and themes for your materials, write the content, and then do design work that helps you achieve your sales and marketing goals. We also offer printing services, so you can have all of your graphic design needs met under one roof.
Strategic Vision
At the Strategic Vision level, we dig deep – few other print marketing companies are willing to go this far. Our team of marketing and creative consultants analyzes your target audience and competition, defines your core competencies, breaks down your products or services, and pinpoints your strengths and weaknesses. Using this information, our graphic designers craft marketing materials that truly align with your market’s needs and your business’s objectives.
Sales Vision
Need marketing materials for your salespeople to use? With our Sales Vision option, we take the time to figure out exactly how your marketing materials are used during the sales cycle and then create collateral that helps your salespeople address objections and close the sale.

Unlike many other Columbus graphic designers, Quickdesks understands how printed marketing materials are used during the sales process. As a result, we’re capable of delivering effective marketing materials that reflect the way your salespeople typically communicate and sell to clients.

If you’re looking for results that can’t be achieved by average freelance graphic designers , work with Quickdesks. Our graphic design services cost significantly less than those of your typical advertising agency, yet we boast far more graphic design, marketing, and sales expertise than any freelancer. We’re also small enough to adapt our services to your specific needs and situation.

Contact our graphic design experts today if you need attractive marketing materials that fuse form and function to make a powerful impression on your target audience.

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